Ghost cleaner Amanda Taber says the Tweed is riddled with supernatural activity.
Ghost cleaner Amanda Taber says the Tweed is riddled with supernatural activity. FELICIA KOSEGI

Amanda Taber is our ghost cleaner

THE Tweed is crawling with paranormal activity but residents are in the dark over who to call when things go bump in the night according to a new local ghost buster.

Ghost cleaner Amanda Taber, from Angel Blessing, only moved to the Gold Coast this month but she is already busy thanks to a copious workload in the shire.

“I already have cleanings in Coolangatta and Tweed Heads this week,” the 33-year-old said.

“People are extremely private about it. They don’t even tell their family or friends because they’re scared of being ridiculed.

“I think the reason there are so many spirits here is because there are so many people. I find it incredibly interesting that such a beautiful part of Australia can be home to so many paranormal guests.” Ms Taber said she often receives calls from middle-aged couples to pensioners for cleanings.

“I don’t get many calls from younger people, they must be ok living with spirits if they have any,” she said.

“Nothing scares me when I’m cleaning a house. It’s an adrenaline rush and it’s addictive.”

Ms Taber said her most frequent customers are those who are kept awake by spirits at the end of theirs beds and cannot sleep.

“Other times, people just walk into a house and can instantly feel if it has a good or bad vibe,” she said. Ms Taber uses salt, sage, incense and water to rid homes of bad spirits.

“There is no set formula for it. I just use what my instinct tells me,” she said.

Besides the odd cold chill down the spine, the mother of three has seen some creepy stuff in her three years in the job.

“I cleaned a house once where the mother would walk into a kitchen and there would be knives laid out on the floor and the gas would be turned on,” Ms Taber said.

“She was terrified because she had a young child”.

Besides instinct, there are other signs for spirits in houses.

“You can tell sometimes because pets will not go into certain rooms of the house. Animals and small children are very in sync with it all,” Ms Taber said.

Ms Taber said half the time spirits are dead relatives of the occupant and the other half are those who used to live in the house.

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