Ambushed by love

FORGET your traditional Valentine's Day offerings of cards, flowers and chocolates.

Hervey Bay's Pauline Muir had other ideas.

She wanted to win back her ex-boyfriend with a giant declaration of love that he would always remember.

Well, he probably will, but unfortunately for her, so will the police.

It all started on February 14, when the lovesick woman decided to win back her former lover.

She decided to forego the standard card or text message and woo her Romeo with a love song.

It was a ballad from the Sound of Music and she played it at full volume from her car stereo, late at night, while parked in his Point Vernon driveway.

But that wasn't all.

Muir also used red and blue markers to scribble declarations of love all over the front of her former partner's house and his two cars.

When police arrived, they found the 43-year-old in the front seat of her car, the music still blaring for all the neighbourhood to hear.

They saw the romantic messages, complete with hearts, scrawled all over the driveway, the front door and across the walls of the home.

It is understood the object of Muir's affection was inside the house with his new partner, ignoring her desperate attempts to serenade him.

Muir told police that because it was Valentine's Day, she just wanted her ex to know that she loved him.

As she pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful damage in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court this week, Muir began to cry.

Duty lawyer Craig Ryan said the whole incident had been "distressing" for his client.

But the matter is yet to be resolved, as Muir is disputing the claim her markers did $700 worth of damage.

The prosecution will have to prove the amount before Muir can be sentenced.

She will reappear on March 29.

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