Action stations for work on Currumbin Hill

INDECISION over who will move in and carry out rehabilitation work to stabilise the faltering Currumbin Hill is over.

This week, the Task Force chairwoman Cr Christine Robbins said the city council had put up its hand and agreed to co-ordinate remedial works irrespective of whether or not the State Government or insurers contributed.

"Council has recognised the heartache of the affected residents and their concerns about their future, now we have council support for the Task Force cry ? first and foremost, let's get the job done," Cr Robbins said.

"Without an admission of liability, council will carry out the works as soon as the geo-technical recommendations come from Golders Associates.

"At this stage, the most likely funding source is a special rate or charge but other funding means will be investigated."

Cr Robbins said council had requested Golders to advise on the retaining of the upslope between Lansell Avenue and Pall Mall, collect data and report on the stability of the whole of Currumbin Hill, and report on the cause of instability including landslip areas, and advise on ways of rehabilitation.

The collection of data on stability of the hill requires drilling and sampling. This will take considerable time, subject to the availability of specialised equipment. Early December is a likely date for this work to be completed. However less complex reports will be available soon.

Cr Robbins said the Task Force is working for the good of the community with recommendations to council and State and Federal governments who have the power to act.

"We, the Task Force are the affected residents' team, and we need feedback from all concerned. As a united community we'll get through the confronting challenges," she said.

Cr Robbins said there were major concerns about current and future development proposals for Currumbin Hill.

"While we can understand this because of the landslip devastation, the central issue is that legalities are attached to developers' applications.

"A case in point is the Currumbin Crest development to discuss any concerns they may have about the works there," she said.

Council works under way on the hill include the clean up of soil, the installation of temporary retaining walls, extra gully pits in Lansell Avenue and trimming of the Alpha Avenue landslip.

Cr Robbins said residents in each street were asked to nominate a representative to liaise directly with Task Force resident representatives, Roger Bell and Kevin Harris.

The list of street representatives is available from Cr Robbins' office, phone 55815275.

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