Adam Neilsen takes to the sky - Mike Newman from the UK took the pic and then had his camera washed away. The film was retrieve
Adam Neilsen takes to the sky - Mike Newman from the UK took the pic and then had his camera washed away. The film was retrieve

Adam?s pedigree obvious


WHEN your uncle is a former world champion and your dad was fifth in the world, they're big shoes to fill but Adam Neilsen of the Brothers Neilsen surfing dynasty is maintaining the Gold Coast surfing generation tradition.

"I've copped a lot of flak but the pressure has pushed me to prove myself and not worry what anyone thinks. It's made me more ambitious to get out there, have some fun and just go for it," Adam Neilson said.

The son of Rick Neilsen, Adam, who recently turned 20, teamed up with Burleigh mate, Dane Parvivan and they had an epic tow-in session in double overhead waves off Burleigh Cove in late November 2005.

"The local crew was ready to write us off, waiting for us to get smashed and lose the jet ski on the rocks," he said.

"But we survived and pulled into some heavy sick waves!"

His godmother, Angela Collins, who lives on the point with longtime partner Peter Harris (Adam's godfather) whipped out her digital camera and recorded the session.

The gutsy effort earnt Adam some long overdue respect and he was acknowledged as finding his surfing manhood by taking on the big stuff.

"I can't wait for the next big Burleigh swell and take off on the biggest wave," he said with new found confidence that would bring a smile to his dad, Ricky who with brother Paul were the 'men' in their day at Burleigh Point. Adam who has competed in the Pro Juniors and the QCC events is now looking at the next level which is tackling big waves.

"I want to go to places like Cyclops and other big wave locations to advance my surfing career," he said.

He is off to Bali this week to jump on a boat for a photo shoot with a Balinese mate, Tim who runs two Indonesian surfing magazines.

Neilson has just re- turned from another Indo boat trip to the Northern Mentawais checking out Asu and the Cook Islands with a bunch of well-known pros like Jay Phillips, Beau Emerton, Dylan Longbottom, Ryan Campbell and Lee Wilson.

"We were on assignment for Waves magazine and while we only got a couple of good days, it was good experience traveling with the boys and we had a good time exploring new breaks," he said.

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