Bug farm signs must go

A CHINDERAH canefarmer who erected signs on his property protesting against a proposed bay bug farm remained defi- ant yesterday in the face of a Tweed Shire Council direction to remove them. Mayor Warren Polglase issued a statement on Thursday saying council would issue a notice to landowners on Tweed Valley Way to remove an esti- mated 23 illegal signs containing vari- ous messages against the proposed bug farm which had been erected during the Christmas-New Year period. Landowners, Cr Polglase said, were

required to remove the signs within 48 hours of receiving the notice and fail- ure to comply could attract a fine of $600 for each sign. But canefarmer Andrew Brinsmead said late yesterday morning that he had not received a notice and would "deal with it as it comes". Mr Brinsmead, a nephew of Cr Bob Brinsmead, said he did not want to comment until he received the notice. "Let's see what it says ? I mean I've heard these things before and they haven't come and I have done this sort

of thing before," he said. Kingscliff Chamber of Commerce president Rose Wright, who was tar- geted by the signs in a personal attack, said council staff had acted too slowly in issuing the notices which should have been done on New Year's Eve when she raised it with them. "They should've been pulled down within 24 hours of being put up ? it's quite ironic or well organised that these notices are going out just as the sub- missions for the bug farm are closing today," Ms Wright said.

"The mayor has left it until the very end of the submission period as there's no point in them (signs) being there be- yond that. "The facts on the sign are wrong and the mayor has been pursuing that mis- information and perpetuating it and not clarifying it. "He knows full well the assertions in the signs are incorrect and I'm sure the mayor has travelled past the signs on many occasions and he has not wanted to act rapidly on this because it served his political purposes," she said.

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