Bullbar blitz


MOTORISTS beware - Tweed Heads Police are warning that fishing rod holders and anything protruding outside of the bullbar area on a vehicle will result in a fine and they are taking it seriously with a blitz on February 9.

Tweed Heads highway patrol officer Senior Constable Paul Green said the law stated that fishing rod holders were not allowed on vehicles.

"These fishing rod holders are more likely to cut into a pedestrian if hit," Snr Cst Green said.

"A young child was killed three weeks ago in Sydney by a vehicle with fishing rod holders attached," he said.

"So if you are caught with them on you will be fined."

Snr Cst Green said other offences included mounting brackets for light fittings and aerials which protrude outside the bullbar area and sharp, ragged or broken edges on a bullbar.

"These laws have been in for around 12 months but it is now being enforced more stringently," he said.

"We have been instructed by the high command in Sydney to crack down on these offences."

On Wednesday police will be checking the correct fitting of bullbars and the illegal use of hand held mobile phones as part of a statewide traffic enforcement 'Compliance 1'.

Any vehicle travelling in NSW must comply with these laws or face a fine of $104 for frontal protection system failure to comply with requirements (bullbars) and a fine of $231 for driving using a handheld mobile phones as well as three demerit points.

Further information can be obtained from the RTA technical enquiries on 1300 137 302 or www.rta.gov.au or highway patrol officers.

However, across the border in Queensland there is no special legislation outlawing objects protruding from bullbars.

Queensland Police spokesperson said there was some mention in section 19 of the schedule which is part of the Transport Operations Legislation.

She said it stated that a thing fitted to a vehicle must be designed, built and fitted in a way that minimised the likelihood of injury to a person making contact with a vehicle.

She said fishing rod holders that protruded from the bullbar would be found illegal if police inspected a vehicle for defectiveness but it was not something that police in Queensland targetted.

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