Burleigh beach scene to improve is Stark view

Gold Coast City councillor Greg Betts said the popularity, appeal and livability of Burleigh would be lifted to a new level by the removal of the stormwater outlet on the beach - a view shared by Surfing Queensland Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stark.

"The term new era is overused these days, but in relation to the impact of this program on Burleigh, it's an understatement," Cr Betts said.

"The ugly stormwater outlet, right at the flagged area of our main Burleigh beach has long been an issue for the local community.

"Even though Council has ensured the best possible system in relation to the current stormwater outlet - which removes pollutants - the image it projects is another thing.

"People don't like playing on the beach or swimming near such a massive outlet and for very understandable reasons."

Mr Stark said the removal of the huge drain was a coup for all beach users.

He said Burleigh was a high-profile beach and home to one of the best right-hand surf breaks in the world.

"The removal of this unsightly drain is a proactive move in the right direction by Council," he said.

"Surfing Queensland is passionate about any move to improve our beach environment and this drain has long been an issue of concern.

"It's a great investment in Burleigh's greatest asset - the beach and surf environment which impacts directly on the recreational enjoyment of locals and visitors alike."

Cr Betts, the Division 12 councillor, said that as well as removing the huge drain, reducing the flood risk for residents and businesses would have "a profoundly positive impact on the community".

"Everyone who lives in Burleigh, or visits this area, will gain benefit from these works - either directly or indirectly," Cr Betts said.

"And with Burleigh - in my opinion and many others - already being the most popular beach in the nation, the positive impact of this program will make the greatest beach even greater."

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