Burleigh chaos

PARKING CHAOS: Owner of Mermaids Restaurant Jon Ingall is hoping the drainage works is finished sooner rather than later.
PARKING CHAOS: Owner of Mermaids Restaurant Jon Ingall is hoping the drainage works is finished sooner rather than later.

BURLEIGH restaurant owner Jon Ingall was left wondering last week how people are supposed to park in Burleigh these days.

With the higher price of parking and defective machines driving patrons away from the CBD, and council usurping 40 car spaces for drainage works in front of his Mermaids restaurant driving diners away, it took a TV media frenzy to get council to find him some new car spaces.

Mr Ingall first asked for parking to be found for the drainage works a year before they started but council flatly refused.

But last week, after patrons began phoning in to cancel reservations due to a lack of parking, Jon together with fellow restaurant manager Mandy Kolrepp of Oskars, enlisted the help of the media before again making their plea for parking and this time council found them some space.

Mr Ingall said council had opened up 18 spaces within the Burleigh Beach Tourist Park which was closed for renovations as well as several more parking spaces within Rudd Park itself.

"That will help us for now, but we've had parking problems for a very long time here," Mr Ingall said.

Ms Kolrepp of Oskars restaurant said parking has been at a premium on Goodwin Terrace for a while and the drainage works coupled with the current roads works on the Gold Coast Highway and Esplanade have been a "double whammy" for the area.

"The problem hasn't been solved in the long run, it's a big problem and it's only going to get worse, so this is a bit of a band-aid. There's no easy solution," she said.

Mr Ingall said it was now up to council to dig in and get the work done as quickly as possible so damage to business is kept to a minimum.

"It's imperative that the drainage works are completed as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to businesses and I believe they have agreed to work the ten day fortnight plus Saturdays," he said.

"Also the Main Roads have been doing a fantastic job getting things going with the intersection and hopefully the work will be done as efficiently and diligently as possible."

Burleigh division councillor Greg Betts said council's timetable for the drainage works runs through to November with the operation moving down in sections of 20 to 40 car spaces as they are completed.

"The current section will probably take about a month before moving down again," Cr Betts said.

"The whole program runs through to November but that includes the construction of a pathway through Memorial Park so the Goodwin Terrace part should be finished before then."

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