Casuarina rock throwers return

KYLE Moore was thanking his lucky stars after a rock which slammed into his moving car narrowly missed his newborn daughter.

The Cabarita resident was driving along Tweed Coast Road with his partner and their baby girl -- aged just two weeks -- about midnight last Friday.

As the car passed Casuarina, heading to Cabarita, a rock slammed into a back passenger door of their Holden Commodore, just inches below the window near Mr Moore's daughter's head.

Now the concerned father cannot help but think what might have been if the rock had landed a bit higher.

"It hit just about two inches below the back window, where my daughter was," Mr Moore, 19, said.

"It scared my partner and my baby. If it had been two inches higher it would have hit the window where she was.

"I jumped out to see what had happened and I heard people running into the bushes, but I didn't see anyone." Earlier this year, the Tweed Daily News highlighted the issue of rocks being thrown at cars when more than 13 drivers came forward following similar attacks on Tweed Coast Road. The victims said it was only a matter of time before somebody was killed.

Mr Moore is now worried the rock-throwing vandals are back in business, despite police catching a group of teenagers in the act in late August.

"I just want to warn other drivers that it's happening again, so be careful," Mr Moore said. "I had read about it in the paper, but hadn't heard about it for a while. I never thought it would happen to me.

"I was mad at the time but was more concerned for my partner and my baby's safety."

On August 30, police caught and chastised six teenagers aged between 13 and 17 who they believed had been using bicycles and pathways as escape routes after throwing projectiles at cars. Yesterday Tweed/Byron crime co-ordinator Sergeant Stuart Crawford said police were under the impression the attacks had stopped after the teens were caught.

"They were spoken to in the presence of parents and as a result everything ceased," Sgt Crawford said.

"It hasn't happened in a long time and this would be the first reported incident since then."

Sgt Crawford said the throwing of projectiles at moving vehicles often spiked during school holiday periods, but assured drivers that if these types of attacks did start again, they would be immediately stamped out by police. "I can guarantee if it does we'll be jumping on it straight away and " he said.

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