Consultation ?lacking? at Cabarita site

CABARITA resident Stewart Reid says he's endured constant noise and clouds of dust from a major development only metres from his home without a whimper.

So when he complained to the council yesterday about an unusually large number of construction vehicles taking up public parking he was surprised and upset by the response.

"I don't know what's wrong with people down there - they're anti-everything," Mr Reid says a council staffer told him.

Mr Reid says he was stunned by the response considering the community sensitivity surrounding the $60 million revamp of the former Cabarita Hotel site.

He says he phoned the council after he spotted up to six semi trailers parked around the site, including public carparking areas and nature reserves.

"I subsequently learnt that the vehicles were there to help erect a large crane on site," he said.

"If there was better liaison between the council and the commu- nity we could have been informed about what was happening and it would have probably been a bit of a non-issue.

"I'm no serial complainer and I think the public has the right to be treated with a bit more respect when they telephone council staff to lodge a complaint."

The council officer conceded he told Mr Reid that it appeared that people in the town had adopted an anti-everything stance, but only after the council was blamed for the parking problems.

"That's an issue for police, but at the same time we've been monitoring parking and there's at least 30 parking spots free in Pandanus Avenue daily," he said.

"The foreman on the site has been very co-operative in attempting to minimise disruption to local residents."

He said he was unable to advise residents of the extra vehicles likely to be generated around the site because the council was not told that a crane was being erected.

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