Corby drugs a joke to prisoners

TWO Victorian prison inmates had laughed when they told how accused drug trafficker Schapelle Corby had been an unwitting courier or "mule" used by a jailed drug kingpin, a Bali Court heard yesterday.

Victorian remand prisoner John Patrick Ford told the Denpasar District Court how he overheard a jail cell conversation between two fellow jail inmates named Terry and Paul - over how a shipment of marijuana had gone missing between Brisbane and Sydney. The conversation - in which he said yesterday he "sort of took part" - took place in midNovember after Corby's arrest.

The stash had belonged to another small-time drug lord and former convict named Ronny, Ford said the pair told him.

"They found it very funny that Ronny's drugs had gone missing," he told the court judges as Corby listened beside defence lawyers.

"They were very specific about the amount of drugs and they were very specific about how they were taken. They were quite clear about it was expected to go from Brisbane to Sydney."

Ford's testimony to a packed court may be Corby's best hope of escaping a possible firing squad for allegedly smuggling 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali's Denpasar airport last October.

The 27-year-old Tugun beauty student has maintained her innocence and claims she was the unintended victim of an Australian drug smuggling gang.

Ford said Ronny had a "significant financial investment" in the drug stash which mistakenly ended up in Corby's bodyboard bag.

But he declined to name the airline baggage worker he believed had planted the drugs as he was "100 per cent certain" he or Corby could be killed in repri- sal. - AAP

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