Council goes to the wall option


THE Gold Coast City Council will construct a security wall around the landslip devastation at Lansell Avenue in the Currumbin Hill area.

Cr Christine Robbins, chairman of the task force set up by council to probe the main cause of the landslip and find a way towards rehabiliation of the land, won the council's commitment to proceed with the work estimated to cost in excess of $500,000.

The Currumbin Hill was one of the few issues discussed during council's short meeting last Monday.

"There are four homes and two blocks of vacant land badly affected by the landslip and this is the area council will prop up with a wall. Underpinning of the homes is also a priority," Cr Robbins said.

"The council commitment to the job is the first stage of this vital rehabilitation project. The second stage is the date when machinery, men and tools will move in and I'll be pursuing that with all the heat of a pressure cooker," she said.

"There is no discussion at present on funding. There may be a special rate struck but that's the lesser of the worries at the moment. Getting the engineers in and the wall designed and built is the task."

Cr Robbins said there had been some talk of an engineering report by the end of this month or early September but she is lobbying hard for the report to be completed sooner.

Cr Robbins, who at an early stage in the task force deliberations likened her role to something like a poisoned chalice, told the Gold Coast Mail she was over the moon with the council decision because it meant so much to the affected residents.

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