Council says some good news in new rubbish tax

TWEED Shire Council say the state government's Waste and Environment Levy will have positive and negative effects on the area.

The levy, included at part of the Rees Government's mini-budget last week, will tax Tweed rubbish at $10-per-tonne from next year before increasing to $30 at the end of 2011. The tax is expected to cost the council an extra $3 million per annum following that.

Council community and natural resource director David Oxenham said there was some good hidden within the tax hike.

"The reason the government is doing it is to get people to recycle more, which fits in well with the council's recycling policy," Mr Oxenham said.

"On the other hand we will have to start charging people more at the tips. These are two ways we will be affected by this."

Mr Oxenham said other council services such as rubbish pick-ups would not be affected.

"Those are services we will continue to offer. Rubbish collected through these is split between recycling and the landfill."

Mr Oxenham also said council rangers will be as vigilant as ever with residents attempting to illegally dump their garbage.

"We are not overly concerned people will turn to illegal dumping," he said.

"People should know there are fines for that."

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