Couple's close shave

CASUARINA resident John Jones wants to see an end to the vicious rock throwing attacks at Casuarina as much as any of the other victims.

When it happened to him, as with the other victims who have told their story, it put his -- and his wife's -- life at risk and also cost him money to repair his car. The attacks on moving vehicles have been continuing since at least May this year, mainly at the corner of Tweed Coast Road and Barclay Drive, but at various times of night and on differing days. "My wife and I got hit by a large rock as we were driving about five or six weeks ago," Mr Jones said.

"It was about 6.30pm and out of my peripheral vision I just saw something coming across my beams. "It put a large dent in the bonnet and if it was about 5cm higher it would have gone straight through the windscreen near where my wife was sitting."

The Tweed Daily News is campaigning to stop the attacks before someone is killed and has vowed to work with police and the community to ensure it happens.

Tweed Heads crime prevention officer Senior Constable Andrew Eppelstun said it was important for people to keep reporting the attacks and that police were genuine about putting a stop to the problem. Mr Jones drives along Tweed Coast Road every day, to go to and from work and pick his children up from school.

He said he only got his Land Cruiser repaired two weeks ago.

Like a number of other victims, he and his wife returned to the scene to try and find the culprits.

"We went back to see if there were kids hiding in the bushes but we couldn't see anyone," he said.

"We didn't report it to the police. Looking back now, I think we should have.

"Everyone has been lucky, no one-s been hurt, but we were doing 80km/h so it could have been worse." Another Pottsville resident, who did not leave a name, contacted the Tweed Daily News to say she too had been victim of the potentially-fatal attacks.

"On our way home on Saturday night. August 2, between 11.30pm and 12am our car was hit by a large rock," she said.

"The windscreen wasn't broken, fortunately, but we did have three large gashes in the windscreen.

"It was a frightening experience and I'm so glad somebody's doing something about it."

The woman said she reported the incident to the police the following day.

Anyone who has been the victim of these attacks is asked to contact the Tweed Daily News on (07) 5523 6245 and the Tweed Heads police station on (07) 5536 0999.

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