Cr Milne slams council

THE most popular new councillor in the recent Tweed Shire Council election, Greens Party leader Katie Milne, has slammed the conduct of last week's council meeting where she failed to get support on a range of issues from the other six councillors.

On top of her list of grievances was a decision by Mayor Joan van Lieshout to rule out of order a rescission motion against moves to sell off part of Bay Street in Tweed Heads.

The others include having conservationist Hope (Paul) Hopkins speak in the public access session against redevelopment of the Dolphin Hotel site in Tweed Heads after councillors had made the decision to approve the project.

She was also bitterly disappointed at getting only the support from Cr Barry Longland in seeking to bring in new planning restrictions for Hastings Point which the residents have campaigned for over several years.

Ms Milne said she was upset she was not allowed to speak against the Mayor's ruling that her Bay Street rescission motion was out of order.

"I find this very undemocratic," she said.

"I would like this put on a list of issues to be discussed for possible change to the code of conduct. "When I submitted the motion, the week before the meeting it was indicated to me that there may be a problem with the motion. "But I felt reassured after my conversation with the general manager that we could 'deal' with the motion in the meeting if we had to."

Ms Milne said she was further disappointed by the wording of the council advertisement in its newsletter, Tweed Link, which was published before her motion for suspension of action was put to the meeting and failed to disclose an "essential fact" -- the area of land to be sold.

She said that area would join the Centro Mall food court and the shopping centre's car park wall.

She said it would extend 21.5 metres across the 30 metre road reserve, past the median strip and "its heartbreakingly, beautiful paper bark trees".

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