Cr Shepherd has State ambitions


THIS month, the endorsed National Party candidate for the state seat of Mudgeeraba, Cr Ted Shepherd, will face his moment of truth.

On Sunday, November 20, he will confront his Liberal Party opponent (yet to be pre-selected) and 30 selectors from both sides, to determine who will take on the Coalition's fight to wrest the seat from the Labor Party at the next State poll in early 2007.

Mudgeeraba has been held by Dianne Reilly for just on six years.

Cr Shepherd told The Mail he was very confident of winning final pre-selection.

A long-time supporter and member of the National Party, Cr Shepherd said he would commit to true Coalition representation in Parliament.

His move to take his political career a big step further has comes as no surprise.

He has been described by friends as a "true political animal' and a bid to enter parliament and embrace party politics was expected.

He has become one of the really influential members of the city council with the huge responsibility of city planning chief, and can take credit for implementing longheld dreams for Mudgeeraba to be acclaimed as the Gold Coast's real heritage village.

To contest the state seat, Cr Shepherd must resign from council at an appropraite time. But should he lose there may be the opportunity to stand again for council because its next election is not until 2008.

Cr Shepherd is the second councillor to make it publicly known he will be resigning (should he win the final pre-selection process).

Last week, Cr Eddy Sarroff said he'd had enough and would not contest again.

After the CMC inquiry, who knows, there may be more, because that on-going investigation is taking its toll.

However, irrespective of the inquiry, Cr Shepherd (who says he has no case to answer) would seek to enter state parliament.

"It would give me the opportunity to achieve more for the electorate," he said.

Mudgeeraba and its diversified area was once a part of South Coast in the heady days of the late multi-minister, Russ Hize.

The region was later switched into Nerang, and in the redistribition of boundaries some years ago (necessary because of fast population growth), Mudgeeraba became an electorate in its own right.

Cr Shepherd said his strongest supporters were his wife Sue and their sons Kim and Martin, both officers in the armed forces.

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