Crack the Lucky Code and collect cash prizes

WANT to win a share of $4000?

Well here is your chance in a fabulous new Daily News giveaway promotion Lucky Code.

Lucky Code kicks off on Saturday when every copy of the Daily News will carry a special Lucky Code card featuring a series of numbers.

For the following four weeks, starting on Monday, the Daily News will publish a series of codes each day.

The codes will have a certain amount of money attached to them e.g. $50, $100, $200.

But to add some real spice to the promotion and really give our readers a treat, a one-off $1000 prize will be up for grabs on Monday.

All readers have to do for the duration of the promotion is match a code on their card to a code in the paper to win.

Then they simply present their card and a copy of the Daily News promotional ad featuring the codes at the front counter of the Daily News office in Rivendell Drive at South Tweed Heads to collect their cash.

Readers will have a chance to win cash every day, Monday to Saturday, for the four weeks of the promotion.

But as an added bonus we will also be running a jackpot competition.

All money NOT collected will be placed in a special pool and readers will once again be able to win by collecting three coupons (which also appear in the daily promotion) and sending them to the Daily News.

So to be in the running to win thousands of dollars make sure you get your copy of Saturday's Daily News.

If you should happen to miss buying your newspaper, just come to the Daily News office where extra copies will be available for sale.

Get ready for some fun with Lucky Code. Make sure you get your copy of Saturday's paper with you Lucky Code card and start playing on Monday.

Readers are on a winner with our great prizes and competitions.

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