Work experience student Jaymie Davidson tells the story of her dad, Paul Davidson?s recovery from a heart attack at the age of
Work experience student Jaymie Davidson tells the story of her dad, Paul Davidson?s recovery from a heart attack at the age of

Dad Davo fights on with more than enough heart


AND now for something completely different.

Instead of my usual surf column, this week I have decided to hand over Surf Scene to Year 10 student Jaymie Davidson, of Hillcrest Christian College.

Jaymie spent last week doing work experience with me and is keen to work for the media in the future.

Here she tells her heartfelt story about her surfing industry dad, Paul Davidson, better known as Davo, and his recent recovery from an unexpected heart attack.

Davo is a well known Currumbim Alley board rider, who works in the surf industry and helped make the world's biggest board here on the Gold Coast earlier this year.

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MY dad, Paul Davidson (Davo) was only 37 years old when he had a heart attack.

Just two months ago while surfing with his friend and personal trainer Jai, Dad felt a tight pain spread from his chest then into his arms.

Thinking it was his wet suit he dismissed the thought of it being a heart attack.

He continued surfing but because he was so short of breath, he was struggling to catch waves and decided to paddle in.

It was then he was told by an older surfer from a nearby coffee club, to go and see a doctor, "there's enough dead heroes in the morgue".

That set him straight, he went directly to the emergency room, which was very lucky for him.

The doctors didn't say or know very much at that stage, just that dad was going to have stay in overnight, so they could run more tests.

Nine days later dad returned home from Brisbane, with two new stents in his heart and a major bruise on his inner leg.

The procedure they performed was called a coronary angioplasty and stenting to clear a blocked artery.

It worked well and is still holding out.

With dad safe, the other issue concerned keeping the factory running.

Over the years, my dad has worked for a vast number of surfboard companies including Brothers Neilson, Nev, Warren Cornish, Bob McTavish, DHD and Base.

He also played a key role in the building of Nev's biggest surfboard.

Dad's business, Quik Fix Fibreglass Repairs, needed to stay open throughout dad's recovery.

My mum, Kerri, was kept busy with her job and dad being sick wasn't helping.

But while it was hard, the support of friends who stuck by the family really helped.

The companies DHD, Pipedream and Nev required our services to repair their damaged team boards.

This is where Darren Scott became involved, who along with my mother helped run the business.

Darren came into this job looking for a way to save money for his last year in the pro junior circuit.

However, he has ended up enjoying this more then the prospect of becoming a pro surfer.

As well as shaping his own boards and learning a trade, he was still able to go surfing.

My dad is still a fair way off working like he did before the heart attack, but is there with Darren and my mum, doing what he can, where needed.

Dad returned to the surf recently for the first time in a long while.

The surf was a messy north-easter but his smile didn't fade once.

I'm sure you'll agree, not bad for a first effort - Andy.

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