Daylight saving makes business sense in south-east

THE south-east Queensland business community has come out in clear support of daylight saving, according to a major chamber of commerce survey.

Commerce Queensland President Beatrice Booth said the strongest support came from businesses on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, with the Sunshine Coast not far behind.

"Across the south-east corner, 82 per cent of respondents expressed strong support for the introduction of daylight savings," Mrs Booth said.

"Businesses on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane were particularly supportive of the scheme, with 84 per cent of respondents in both regions backing a change, while the Sunshine Coast was also above the state average, with 69 per cent of respondents keen to see daylight saving introduced."

However Mrs Booth said outside the south-east of the state only 39 per cent of respondents supported a changed time schedule.

"The lowest level of support is in Central Queensland, where just 23 per cent of respondents advocate for daylight saving," she said.

Mrs Booth said businesses were asked about difficulties experienced when conducting business with interstate companies and "not surprisingly" businesses in the south-east experienced the most.

"On the Gold Coast, 68 per cent of survey respondents indicated their business had suffered as a result of the time difference with southern states," she added.

"Brisbane also recorded a strong response, with the time difference impacting 56 per cent of respondents. Elsewhere, the impact was negligible."

As with previous surveys commissioned by Commerce Queensland she said businesses continued to be divided on suggestions that Queensland adopt two time schedules, with daylight saving in south-east Queensland only.

She said 56 per cent of businesses in the state, mostly in the south-east, considered that having two time zones in Queensland would not create difficulties for them.

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