Digital TV puts dealers to work


TELEVISION installers are putting on extra staff to cope with an upsurge in work after free-to-air broadcasters began digital services on the Gold Coast last month.

Head of leading Tweed-based antenna company BRC Robert Kilburn said his business was going through one of its busiest periods of the past 18 years as TV viewers began experiencing unprecedented reception problems.

"I've had to put on two extra staff in recent months and as far as I can tell other companies are in the same boat," he said.

Mr Kilburn said the main problem arose with the new digital signal interfering with the old analogue signal, causing ghosting and other reception problems.

"In nearly all cases the problem can be sorted out with some minor tweaking, but in some cases the only answer is to upgrade to digital," he said.

"There doesn't seem to be any areas worse than others and in some cases it's simply down to the particular make of the TV set.

"I've been to jobs in the one street where one television is working perfectly and the other is not."

Mr Kilburn said viewers were likely to continue experience teething problems until the change-over to digital was complete in around 2008. His on-the-ground assessment was echoed by McPherson MP Margaret May whose office this week issued a brochure to help viewers rectify problems.

She said a lot of residents had complained that since digital services had begun their reception was not as good as it had been.

"There can be a number of reasons for the interference and in most cases there is a simple solution to help viewers rectify the problem," she said.

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