Donor identity remains mystery

A MOVE aimed at getting Tweed Shire Council involved in finding out who was behind the mystery $1000 donation in the name of the Wintersun Festival Association for the re-election campaign of majorityfaction councillors was thwarted last night on mayor Warren Polglase's casting vote.

Cr Dot Holdom had sought to have Council's general manager seek details from the State Electoral Funding Authority over the donation to Tweed Directions, a body set up specifically to channel funding for the re-election of councillors sympathetic to developer and business interests.

Cr Holdom said the matter should be cleared up because Wintersun organisers had no knowledge of the donation and all councillors should support her motion if they had nothing to hide.

But Cr Polglase said the issue was out of Council's jurisdiction as it was the funding authority which monitored the funding declaration process.

Cr Max Boyd said it was a serious matter for Wintersun because their good name had been besmirched.

Cr Barbara Carroll said the matter "smacked of something untoward" and needed investigation as the funding return involved six majorityfaction councillors as it indicated they each received money from Tweed Directions.

Cr Gavin Lawrie said the issue had nothing to do with Council but with a third party organisation (Tweed Directions) in another State.

"Why should Council staff run down this blind alley - it's up to Cr Holdom to find out from the authority," he said.

Cr Henry James said he was not surprised to hear excuses as to why some councillors did not want to follow it up.

"After all, if Wintersun didn't do it (make the donation) then who did?"

The vote on Cr Holdom's motion was tied 5-5 (Crs Polglase, Lynne Beck, Bob Brinsmead, Bernie Bell, Gavin Lawrie against, Cr John Murray absent from the vote) before Cr Polglase declared it lost.

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