Drains pose flood threat

HOMES in South Tweed are at risk from more flooding if the Tweed Shire Council doesn't clear blocked drains in the suburb, says a resident.

Plumber Laurie Winters said major drains at Fraser Drive were completely blocked as well as drains further along in Vintage Lakes.

Mr Winters said he had seen two residents in Vintage Lakes attempt to clean out the drains during the heavy rains last week, putting themselves at risk.

These residents, who wished to remain anonymous, said they often cleaned the drains by hand because council did not keep the drains clear and they were worried about their houses flooding and the health of the lakes.

On June 25, the Daily News reported that residents were concerned about the lakes as they believed blocked drains had caused an increase in weed growth and was putting the lakes' health at risk.

Now residents are concerned for properties, both businesses and houses in South Tweed which could face flooding if more rain comes as the water cannot get out to Trutes Bay as it is blocked at Vintage Lakes.

"We only need two inches and we could have flooding in some places," Mr Winters said.

"It could take up to three weeks to go down."

But the council's works manager, Bob Missingham, said the western drainage scheme, which Vintage Lakes is part of, had behaved "as expected and per design" when the big floods hit.

He said he would get council crews to investigate the stormwater drains and see if they were blocked.

"The water is still high in that area and people are concerned," he said.

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