DEFEATED Richmond MP Larry Anthony with his wife Jenny and son William yesterday
DEFEATED Richmond MP Larry Anthony with his wife Jenny and son William yesterday

End of an era for Anthonys

STANDING on land owned by his parents and looking out over the Tweed, former Richmond MP Larry Anthony farewelled his time in government yesterday and a family dynasty of leadership spanning 55 years.

After eight and a half years representing the Tweed in the Federal Parliament, Mr Anthony conceded defeat to a new face on the political scene - Labor's Justine Elliot.

With his family around him, Mr Anthony announced his departure from politics for good, saying he would not contest the seat of Richmond or look for a seat in the Senate.

"It is a time for me to take a break from public life. I will not rule in any other seat. I wanted to represent the seat of Richmond," he said.

"But it is a tough seat moving against us.

"The demographics are changing - we had a very high Green vote. They were up about 2.28 per cent to 12.34 per cent.

"For my wife Jenny and I, it is time we look for newer pastures.

"Jenny and the kids have been by my side and this is a win for them in a sense."

Defeated after preferences flowed favourably to Ms Elliot, Mr Anthony said his loss was an ironic twist of fate.

"It was my highest primary vote of 46 per cent. If another 140 people had voted for myself or not put me last it would have been a different result," he said.

His loss ends a political dynasty of 55 years, which started in 1937 when his grandfather Larry won the seat and his father Doug joined parliament in the 50s.

His wife has ruled out a fourth generation of Anthony's in politics.

With a smile yesterday, Mr Anthony reflected on his time representing the Tweed in politics.

"It was an absolute privilege to be able to work in government making a difference to so many young lives," he said.

However, as a final parting shot he warned the Tweed may be forgotten under Justine Elliot.

"As a minister I have made sure we have been at the front of the queue, but we are not going to be at the front or the back. There will be no queue. This place could go to the wilderness for some time."

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