Explanation offered for weird lights


WE are one step closer to an explanation of the mysterious lights in the skies enigma.

Leading authority on Australian UFO sightings, Bill Chalker has shed some light on the lights that have been appearing over Tweed Heads for the past few weeks.

Though unable to explain the red lights seen by some over Sexton Hill and as far south as Murwillumbah, Bill may be able to explain the reported sightings of the orange globes appearing in the skies around the Gold Coast Airport.

"We hear a lot of reports similar to these," said Bill. "More often than not the orange globes are actually hot-air balloon-type flare devices that people create.

"They are simply garbage bags with a wire frame and a flare or a firestarter device inside and they appear with a flame-type colour. They move slowly with the wind and generally last for no longer than 15 minutes."

Bill has written extensively on the subject of UFOs and notes that there was something of an orange light epidemic around Sydney in the early 1990s and this explanation was the accepted truth behind most of sightings.

"The remaining handful were a little more difficult to explain this way, so while I'm cautious not to throw the baby out with the bath water, my eyes still tend to glaze over with the mention of orange lights.

"As for the boomerang-shaped objects with red lights and the other sightings, I can't really comment on that with only limited information."

Mark Rigby, of the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium at Mount Coot-tha, agreed with Bill's assessment of the lights but, like Bill, cannot offer any explanation of the boomerang-shaped objects or the red lighting formations reported by numerous locals.

Local artist Alan Boucher, who claims to have had an up-close experience in 1996 with a similar object to those described, is not surprised by the reports of further sightings over Tweed.

"I don't consider it to be a UFO so much because to me, I feel I've identified it to what it really is, so to me it's an IFO," said Alan.

"I think it's very intriguing and it's very hard to describe."

Alan and his friend were standing on the Jack Evans Boat Harbour one night in 1996 and saw a massive object in the sky moving at speed which seemed to fly right by them, and passed straight through local buildings and high-rises.

As calls continue to flood the Daily News office with further sightings of these mysterious lights, one thing we can say is "the truth is out there".

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