Fears for disaster stretch

THE TWEED Shire Council will be to blame if someone dies on Chilcotts Road, according to residents along the unsealed stretch.

The two-way street in Crystal Creek is so narrow it has residents living in constant fear that a life will be lost. The latest incident occurred last weekend when a truck narrowly escaped rolling over the edge of the hill on a corner.

Chilcotts Road resident Jenny Pryor said, along with other residents, she was fed up with the lack of work on the road.

"Enough is enough. The road is getting narrower and narrower," Ms Pryor said.

"It seems the only scenario the council will accept to warrant an upgrade would be someone's unfortunate death."

Ms Pryor and neighbours yesterday recalled several near misses. A 21-year-old woman who lives on Chilcotts Road was injured in a head-on collision in February, while another resident claimed she was close to going over the cliff last week when she came face-to-face with another car on a corner.

"The trunk that almost fell on the weekend took out a reflective road marker on the side of the road and all the council did was attach it to a star picket."

"It is not just this one section that is dangerous. Cars are at risk of falling close to 50 metres if they go over the edge," Ms Pryor said.

"The school bus will not come down here either."

Neighbour Jan Moss said something needed to be done immediately.

"They need to widen the road, lay down some new piping and seal the road," Mrs Moss said.

A Tweed Shire Council spokeswoman said the star picket was a temporary measure.

"A road marker with reflector similar to the one damaged will be installed in the near future," the spokeswoman said.

"At present, council is only upgrading unsealed roads that are school bus routes. Further upgrading of Chilcotts Road is not in the current works program for 2008/09."

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