MARGARET BENNETT: In charge of network.
MARGARET BENNETT: In charge of network.

Good health is the main goal

THE NORTH Coast Health Service has appointed a new network co-ordinator for the Coffs/Clarence region.

Margaret Bennett will manage the clinical teams which provide hospital and community health for the region. This comes under the organisation's division into four regional networks.

Each will provide for a population of more than 100,000 people and will include a tertiary level hospital.

Ms Bennett's health industry experience spans 30 years.

She began as a registered nurse at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, before she progressed to senior management positions in WA and NSW.

In addition to her nursing qualifications, she has undertaken post-graduate tertiary studies in management.

Ms Bennett was appointed general manager of Coffs Harbour Base Hospital in February last year.

The aim of the network co-ordinator will be to establish strong links with local clinical and consumer groups.

She will report directly to the area executive team on the provision of health services.

The development of four clinical networks to span the main geographic regions of the North Coast was an outcome of community and staff consultations, that preceded the formulation of the North Coast Healthcare Services Plan.

The clinical networks will include service streams that flow over more than one network.

Examples of streamed services could include mental health, drug and alcohol and oral health.

Many of these services are already managed on an area-wide basis to maximise patient care and resource usage.

Co-ordinators named for other regional networks include Professor Trish Hogan for the Tweed/Byron network and Mr Jeff Pattinson for the Hastings/Macleay network.

The recruitment process continues for the Richmond co-ordi- nator.

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