Holdom wants council out

TWEED Shire councillor Dot Holdom says it would be a good thing if the council was sacked.

The Kingscliff cafe proprietor, who was voted in just 12 months ago, yesterday revealed heated and "rude" council meetings had reduced her to tears, and she believed councillors could not work together.

Cr Holdom said "too much dirty water has gone under the bridge" for the current crop of councillors to work cooperatively and the people's interests were not being put first.

Sacking, she said, would give the council a chance for a fresh start at a future election.

"From what I've seen I just don't think there is any other way around it," she said in the wake of last week's decision by Commissioner Professor Maurice Daly to wind up the public hearings of his inquiry into council operations.

Prof Daly must now prepare a report to NSW Local Government Minister Tony Kelly who has the power to sack the council.

Cr Holdom said "given what I now know and what I've seen in the past 12 months" it was simply too hard for the present 11 councillors to work together.

In fact so heated and abusive have some late night sessions of council become after councillors go behind closed doors that Cr Holdom revealed she had been reduced to tears.

She was shocked at the bitter level of debate at a recent meeting where, she said, she ended up doing her block.

"I cried for the entire day afterwards," she said.

Cr Holdom said some councillors treated others rudely. She expected at least the pretence of civility.

She said while she had stood for council to represent "the needs of all residents" it appeared to her some others had vested interests.

"I just wish people could be honest and say: 'I'm a greedy son of a bitch and I want as much as I can get and I can forget the environment'," she said.

Tweed Mayor Warren Polglase said he supported "vigorous debate" but far from councillors being unable to work together, many decisions were unani- mous.

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