I?ll be living in hell


ELDERLY residents from the notorious Banora Point Caravan Park had their day in court yesterday - but the court closed down without a single finding or order.

The court was to have heard 22 applications from long-term residents who have relocatable homes in the run-down park for $10,000 compensation each for loss of peace and quiet, plus 55 claims for reduced site rent dating back three years.

The company operating the park, Blackington Pty Ltd, was claiming rent arrears.

But after just one hour into the expected day-and-a-half hearing of grievances, the NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal was adjourned.

The reason: Businessman Warren Tschannen who was a director of Blackington Pty Ltd, no longer is a director.

The tribunal wanted current director Jonathan Cellini to attend.

Mr Tschannen told the court he had stood down as a director and park manager from July 1 but that he had a letter of authority from current director and park manager Mr Cellini to appear.

Sixteen of the remaining 22 long-term residents attended the hearing in the meeting room of Tweed Shire Council's Banora Point multi-purpose complex.

Their six-year battle for justice was adjourned probably until after Christmas, with the presiding member of the court Jill Miller unable to give a firm resumption date.

Ms Miller said she had received a further application from resident Bob Clark seeking orders against the park operator but adjourned that as well, giving Blackington Pty Ltd 14 days to respond in writing to allegations.

Mr Clark claims noisy temporary tenants have been housed either side of his relocatable home and told Ms Miller he would be facing at least "14 days of hell".

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