Inquiry slows council business


THE on-going Crime and Misconduct Commission's inquiry into alleged developer links to several Gold Coast City councillors has caused disruption to the scheduled standing committees and full council meetings once more with the usual Monday meeting of this week delayed until today, Friday.

The delay was slated by outspoken councillor Dawn Crichlow as "totally wrong and absolutely unnecessary".

She told Mayor Ron Clarke (also away in Brisbane as an observer) that he was the leader of the council and he should ensure work went on as usual.

"Councillors are going up to the inquiry as spectators when only one of them is required," Cr Crichlow said.

"It is so unnecessary when a full transcript of inquiry proceedings is available every night. I object strongly to this disruption of council," she said.

In response, Mayor Clarke said the reputation of the council was at stake and it was very important that councillors (those involved) should be there to hear what was going on.

They had that right, he said.

Supporting the mayor's opinion, the newest member of council, Cr Christine Robbins, said she was one of those not required to attend the CMC hearing, but if she had been accused, she would want the right to be there.

"Despite the fact that meetings have been disrupted, it is very important those named are there to know what goes on," she said.

So the change to the meeting schedule goes on over what could be many weeks, considering a number of councillors including the mayor are yet to be called.

With council's final full meeting scheduled for December 12 or just a few days after, members will confront a heavy workload before the upcoming Christmas holiday break.

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