Jailed over child porn

GEOFFREY Keith Martin was so obsessed with child pornography he kept illicit pictures in his car that he could look at while he was driving.

He downloaded hundreds of images of teenage boys having sex over a five year period from his work computer at the University of Sydney.

He was arrested on his birthday as he holidayed at a Tweed Heads caravan park last month. Appearing in the Tweed Heads Local Court yesterday, he was sentenced to 12 months jail for the crime that arresting police could only describe as "disgusting and distressing".

Magistrate Jeff Linden said there needed to be a deterrent to protect the exploited children involved.

"Without the customer there is no market for this .?.?. there is no need for children to be photographed in those situations," he said. Police were tipped off to the images by a cleaner who discovered them while cleaning Martin's cabin at the Tweed Billabong Caravan Park.

The cleaner stumbled upon more than 450 pornographic black and white pictures of boys aged between 12 and 16-years-old.

Police waited for Martin, a 48-year-old Sydney accounts clerk, to return to the cabin and searched it when he did not object. They also searched his car and found 60 similar images inside that he said he put there "to look at when he drove around".

He denied he had done anything while looking at them in the car. In facts tendered to court, police said the images "could only be described as disgusting and distressing".

After their search, Martin directed police to a stash of more than 500 floppy discs containing child porn at his parents' home where he lived at Engadine.

Police also seized Martin's computer at the University of Sydney.

In the facts presented in court, police said Martin was aware his actions were illegal but "did not think he had done anything wrong".

In court Martin pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing child pornography.

Martin was sentenced to 12 months jail in protective custody with a non-parole period of three months and was ordered to undergo psychological and psychiatric care.

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