Keep your thugs at home


CURRUMBIN MP Jann Stuckey yesterday said Tweed Heads was the forgotten outpost of New South Wales and that inadequate police numbers were allowing violent northern New South Wales gangs to raid the Gold Coast.

Ms Stuckey called for a thug-proof fence to keep gangs from northern NSW from crossing over into Queensland and causing trouble.

Although speaking tongue-in-cheek about the fence she was deadly serious when she cited recent troubles involving Tweed Heads gang the Coomicubs, and others from Sydney.

She said southern Gold Coast surf club members feared further violence.

"We don't want your problems over here. NSW should be containing the situation, but it's clear that police resources are seriously low over there," Ms Stuckey said.

"You've got eight new constables. Talk about fobbing you off ... you need at least 20 experienced officers to deal with the problems from these organised gangs.

"I do blame the authorities for not providing entertainment precincts for the young people. You've had a sacked council and you're police are seriously understaffed.

"It's a shame and a real pity that (Tweed MP) Neville Newell is so difficult to work with, but if he won't stand up for his own people then I'll read the riot act."

Ms Stuckey denied her comments were timed to coincide with the March election.

"That's way out of line. There have been two serious incidents in the last two weeks and I've always been outspoken on law and order in the past and I've been thinking about making some comments about this for a while," she said.

Ms Stuckey praised Queensland police for making a number of arrests in relation to recent brawls at Palm Beach and the Calypso Tavern at Coolangatta.

"The youth of the Gold Coast have not been the culprits in these incidents of violence and vandalism. With extra resources Queensland has managed to curb anti-social violence," she said.

Meanwhile, Tweed Heads police and Tweed Shire Council have organised a meeting for February 27 to discuss youth crime prevention.

Tweed MP Neville Newell was unavailable yesterday to respond to Ms Stuckey's comments.

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