Lifesaver victim of carnage on hockey fields


OUTSTANDING surf lifesaver Jacob Lollback's preparation for next month's Queensland Endurance Championships has been thrown into turmoil after suffering a possible broken left thumb.

Lollback was one of four local hockey players who were either hospitalised or sought medical attention following a spate of injuries on Friday evening.

Playing for the Bears B grade, Lollback was struck in the hand by a rival player's stick and he was taken to Grafton Base Hospital when the injured hand 'blew up' after the game.

In the same team Bradford McBay suffered severe concussion following an in-goal collision.

McBay suffered bruising to the brain, blurred vision and numbness in one side of his body.

Doctors elected to air lift him by helicopter to the Gold Coast Hospital, Southport, but shortly before the helicopter's arrival, McBay's vital signs and vision improved and a decision was made to keep him in Grafton for further observation.

McBay was released yesterday afternoon. He faces a week bed ridden and at least six weeks away from any form of contact sport.

Barbarians B grade player Tagian Heath was also hospitalised with a forehead wound which required stitching.

Barbs C grade goal keeper Mark Hargans suffered a wrist injury, believed to be tendon damage, which also required medical treatment.

Lollback is scheduled to return to Grafton Hospital today.

"They took x-rays and a decision will be made tomorrow what they do with the hand," Lollback said.

"They're not sure if it (thumb) is broken but it's bloody sore.

"I'm hoping they don't have to put a cast on. Hopefully they can put a back slab on which will enable me to keep training and stay fit. I might be able to strap it up.

"That's the plan anyway, but I'm not sure if the doctors will agree to that."

Lollback was scheduled to train with Hugh Dougherty and other leading surf lifesavers last weekend as a vital lead up to the Queensland Championships but was forced to withdraw following the thumb injury.

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