Man on mower mission

MOST people hate dislike having to pushing their lawnmower around the backyard.

But Claude Harvey will willingly push his from Tweed Heads to Hope Island and back as he embarks on a charity walk of a different kind.

The five-day walk will raise money and awareness for Bravehearts, an organisation that provides support services for children who have been sexually assaulted.

Mr Harvey has done the same trek annually for the past eight years and the newly-christened "Kirsty" the lawnmower had accompanied him on seven of those.

The mower is designed to grab the public's attention and Mr Harvey hopes people will come and talk to him to find out what he is doing or even join him in his quest.

"And put in a donation," he said.

"I want to do everything I can to support the organisation and the children of Australia.

"I will be walking from 9am to 5pm because I believe you get more money during business hours," he joked.

Mr Harvey, 63, set out from the border landmark near Twin Towns Services Club at 9am yesterday, saying he didn't expect the journey to be particularly tough on him.

"I'm going to go pretty good because I mow lawns for a living and I walk around all day," he said.

The Varsity Lakes resident will return home after each leg of the walk to eat and sleep before picking up where he left off the following day.

He said he was speaking to some teenagers about his charity walk, when one of them suggested he give his mower a name.

So he named it after her.

"Kirsty" is now decked out with butterflies, a mini sneaker, newspaper clippings and a collection tin. Mr Harvey is hoping to raise more than $40,000 during his quest.

He said he first got involved with Bravehearts after seeing a man on television who had been arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old.

"I thought about how many people out there would want to do something to that man," Mr Harvey said.

"And I decided it would be better to try and do something for the children."

Bravehearts spokeswoman Yvette Wakelin said the organisation was incredibly lucky to have Mr Harvey's support.

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke will join Mr Harvey for today's leg of the walk.

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