Mooball body hunt

By SAMANTHA HEALY EXCAVATORS began digging up a Mooball property yesterday, as forensic police searched every square inch of red dirt for evidence of missing man Ronen Veinstein's remains. The daunting task, the property is more than six acres in size, began%early yesterday, with police cadaver dogs sniffing around the property for odours resembling that of a decomposing body. Little red flags were placed in the front section of the property, which runs along Pottsville Road, indicating the highly-trained dog had shown%interest in the area. Meanwhile, an around-the-clock police guard has been stationed at the front of the property since Friday, with officers conducting 12-hour shifts to protect the suspected crime scene. A lone forensic officer yesterday stood in the blaring sun, silver spade in hand, painstakingly inspecting each bucket-load of rich red top-%soil. Another officer with Police Rescue emblazoned across his white jumpsuit could be seen scouring the nearby bushland. Late last Thursday night, Regina Veinstein, 43, the wife of Ronen Veinstein, the man whose remains police are searching for, was charged with her husband's murder. Mr Veinstein has not been seen since December 2004. Police have been conducting%national and international searches for his whereabouts since he was first reported missing in May 2005, after being contacted by an associate, not his wife. Mrs Veinstein, who had been living in Ocean Shores at the time of her%arrest, pleaded not guilty in Lismore%Local Court on Thursday to killing her husband, saying she believed he was still alive. It is understood bank accounts belonging to Mr Veinstein have not been touched since his disappearance, with police failing to find any evidence of him being alive after December 2004. During her court appearance it was alleged Mrs Veinstein had admitted to three different people that she had killed her husband. In those admissions, Mrs Veinstein allegedly described how she had killed her husband and the events%immediately after his death. Her admissions on September 27 had described how she had burned her husband's body, and precisely where at the couple's Mooball property she had scattered his remains. But Mrs Veinstein's counsel said her client's admissions to killing her husband could not be taken seriously because she was suffering depression something triggered by the birth of her three children and reinforced by her husband's disappearance. It is understood that during police searches conducted at the couple's former Mooball property, which is now up for auction, "forensic material" had been found, however police would not elaborate on what exactly had been uncovered. Regina Veinstein is due to reappear in Lismore Local Court via video link on November 20.

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