Mourners hear of two boys loved by many

CHRIS Thomas yesterday recalled some of the lighter-hearted moments he shared with his two youngest brothers Kieran and Jordan.

In his euology Chris, 21, who learnt of the boys' tragic deaths the day he flew back from an overseas holiday, fondly remembered them as "a bit of a double act".

"They would fight a lot, like most brothers do ... but were very close," he told a packed congregation at Murwillumbah's Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Kieran, 14, the eldest of the two, was "always a leader ... and also very quick and witty", he said.

"He probably would have made a good teacher but hated homework, not that he didn't like school, just that he'd rather spend his energy on something he liked."

Chris remembered Kieran's love of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Simpsons TV show and laughed about the photo of the two on the cover of the order of service in which both boys posed flexing their muscles.

"He was a little bloke but that didn't stop him and whenever we played footy or cricket in the backyard. He would always keep up with us. He was fast," he said.

Chris was also surprised by Kieran's writing talents. "I read today for the first time the poem Kieran wrote (entitled The Magic Box which was used in the service booklet, and reproduced on Page 3). It was excellent.

"Jordie was pretty similar to Kieran in some ways but different too, he was definitely an individual ? he loved pulling quirky faces such as his turtle-neck face or his Mr Bean face. He was a bit weird but quite a funny little kid and quite smart."

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