No nuclear industry, says Page


THERE will be no nuclear power stations or nuclear waste storage on the North Coast or anywhere else in Australia if the federal Coalition is re-elected, Richmond Nationals candidate Sue Page has pledged.

"The state government has already said no and the (federal) Nationals, without whom the Coalition cannot enact legislation, are also committed to opposing this," Dr Page said yesterday.

But Richmond's Labor MP Justine Elliot said the Nationals could not be trusted, because only last week they had supported the Liberals on selling uranium to India and had backed a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory and the sale of Telstra.

"They do whatever their Coalition mates tell them," Ms Elliot said.

Dr Page said: "As I learn more about the way politics works, I have little doubt Labor will run a major North Coast scare campaign on this issue.

"The purpose will be to divert the attention of residents from the Tweed to Lennox Head away from the threat Labor poses to living standards, health care and security of families. "While nuclear power is greenhouse gas-friendly, there will be no nuclear power industry in this country unless, and until, it is supported by all major political parties at state and federal level."

The Nationals Richmond duty senator, Fiona Nash, said the federal government could not change its nuclear power stations policy without the support of the Nationals. "No legislation regarding any potential nuclear power industry will be passed without support of the Nationals in the Senate," Senator Nash said.

Ms Elliot said Mr Howard had recently told Parliament he remained a supporter of nuclear power stations and the federal government would "let the market dictate" where they go.

She said Mr Howard had also made it clear he would override states' concerns about nuclear power stations, as he had done with taking control of the Murray Darling Basin.

Ms Elliot called on Nationals leader Mark Vaile to back up Dr Page's national policy announcement in the Daily News, otherwise Dr Page owed Richmond voters an apology.

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