On your bike, say residents to riders

THE BMX track on public land at the corner of Tallebudgera Connection Road and Dungogie Drive at Tallebudgera will not be closed despite a petition from local residents complaining about disruptive noise from motorbike riders using the track illegally.

The track had been established at the request of former Gold Coast councillor, the late Sue Robbins, who had been approached by residents seeking a place for BMX bike owners to enjoy the recreation.

However motorbike riders have intruded, causing considerable community anger.

The 71 petitioners from Tallebudgera Park Estate and nearby said although they recognised the value of the facility they did not think anyone could stop the use of the track by motorbike riders, some on unregistered bikes, who were now regular intruders in what was a pleasant place.

Petitioners complained of rude and destructive behaviour, removal of signage and constant noisy burnouts. Complaints have also been made to Palm Beach police.

Area councillor Christine Robbins said she had visited the track and personally experienced the rudeness of riders.

"There is no doubt a real problem occurs there. But there is a growing tendency to take an easier solution, to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as it were. I am convinced there is a real need for our young BMX riders to have this track. It's theirs and there has to be a way to keep out illegal users," she said.

Cr Robbins is confident a recipe drawn up by the council's health and community services committee will provide a solution.

The committee's recommendations approved by full council include extra barriers along the perimeter fencing preventing motorbike access, more signs, more regular patrols by council's Local Law officers and fines imposed on motorbike riders who defy increased security.

Cr Robbins said places had to be established for the benefit of young people keen to participate in the exciting outdoor activity of BMX riding.

Without an official park, they would be forced elsewhere and create another set of problems.

"I will be speaking to some of the petitioners seeking understanding and a willingness to see if our additional measures to keep the illegal riders out, work.

"Residents will also be requested to immediately inform council if problems occur and our local law officers will respond as quickly as they can," Cr Robbins said.

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