FOUR-YEAR-OLD cerebral palsy sufferer Kyle Sculley and mum Karen are over the moon with the support that has been given
FOUR-YEAR-OLD cerebral palsy sufferer Kyle Sculley and mum Karen are over the moon with the support that has been given

Our battling angel

KYLE is not having a good morning, he does not want to be in yet another publicity photo for fundraising and he's upset about it.

His mum, Karen Sculley, handles him with ease. She is firm but loving as she cradles fouryear-old Kyle, who suffers with cerebral palsy, in her arms and protects him.

"It's okay Kyle, you don't have to do it," she says to the now distraught Kyle.

"We will just sit here and watch."

Karen has an enormous strength which has carried her through some pretty tough times since Kyle came into the world 13 weeks early, four-anda-half years ago.

Kyle suffered severe respiratory distress syndrome and chronic lung disease after birth.

At 11 days old he had his first of five operations to date. It wasn't until he was three weeks and three days old before Karen could hold her baby boy in her arms.

When Kyle was four weeks old a brain scan found a few cysts, but by seven weeks there were many cysts and Karen was told her precious baby had cerebral palsy.

"I just held him in my arms and cried for hours. I knew nothing about cerebral palsy and did not know how badly affected Kyle would be," Karen said. Now, four years on, Karen has just been told Kyle will need an electric wheelchair.

"I'm trying to be extremely positive - I know he will walk, but at the moment he can't sit or stand," she said.

"We do exercises and stretches everyday to help strengthen his back and legs and I'm not giving up hope."

However, the electric wheelchair was something Karen had hoped against.

Now she is faced with finding another rental house with wheelchair accessibility as well as the purchase of a new car that will fit the wheelchair. But despite her problems Karen is out fundraising for Tweed Valley Early Childhood Intervention Service.

This Saturday local pole walker Michael Gates, from the Tweed Fitness and Lifestyle Centre, will raise funds for the service as he goes for a Guinness World Record of 24-hours of pole walking.

Other well-known and local community members will walk also and South Tweed Sports (formerly South Tweed Bowls Club) will hold a cocktail night and charity auction of sporting and other memorabilia. Sponsors for the event are still needed and donations can be made at any Southern Cross Credit Union branch.

Karen is passionate not just about Kyle and her family, she has three other children aged from 22 to 17 years, but about children with disabilities getting the help and services they deserve.

"You know there is a waiting list at the early intervention centre with so many local families waiting for help - and they can't get it due to the lack of government funding," she said.

"Each of these kids deserves the care and help required to give them the best life possible.

"And despite the constant care required, I would not change my life with Kyle for the world.

"He is my angel."

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