Pensioners plan march

DON Morgan will lead a "grey march" through the streets of the Tweed if the Wayne Swan's first federal budget fails to provide for the needs of the region's pensioners.

Pensioner groups across the country have threatened nationwide marches if the Labor government's first federal budget does not increase the nation's pension.

And Mr Morgan, the former head of Tweed's Combined Pensioners and Superannuants group, yesterday said he would have no problems following suit with a Tweed march.

"I think it's a good idea," Mr Morgan said.

"The Prime Minister said no pensioners would be worse off under a Labor government," he said.

"If we don't get anything we will be worse off. Pensioners need an increase."

The Victorian Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition group have called on the country's seniors groups to band together and protest against the government if it fails to act on senate inquiry recommendations to review pension levels.

Mr Morgan said anything less than an increase in the pension of $78 to $80 a fortnight for single pensioners and $60 for married couples would not be acceptable with the rising living costs facing the region's elderly.

He also said concerns over access to prescription medicine and rising rent for seniors needed to be addressed.

Mr Morgan said it was important pensioners waited to see the outcome of the budget before taking any action.

"Who knows, maybe there will be an increase, but if there is nothing I think we'll have to have a big march in the Tweed, running from Cunningham Park," he said.

He also expected local politicians to support their cause.

"If we do this I expect Geoff Provest and Justine Elliott to be there."

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