Phone nuisance escapes jail term

SHARON Denise Dwyer was an alcoholic who made dozens of nuisance calls to Triple 0 and local police stations, abusing and assaulting officers when they responded.

Yesterday the Tweed Heads woman narrowly missed a five-month stay in jail when she pleaded guilty in the Tweed Heads Local Court to making false representations resulting in police investigation and breaking bail.

The 59-year-old woman made 16 nuisance calls to police in less than three hours after being bailed following a day-long saga involving fake Triple 0 calls.

On August 20 she called Triple 0 and said she would kill Ozakan Ayhan, believed to be a former partner, that day if he came to her Department of Housing unit.

When police arrived she abused them and they left.

Thirty minutes later she called Triple 0 again and police attended.

They warned her twice not to call the emergency number and watched as she dialled twice. She was then charged with a public nuisance offence.

After being bailed at 7.15pm on the condition she not make calls to police unless they were an emergency, she called 16 times from 8pm to 10.50pm and was arrested again at 11.10pm.

In court yesterday she also pleaded guilty to assaulting an police officer on September 9. She struck the officer when he arrived to answer one of her emergency calls.

Dwyer's lawyer Bronwynne Luff said her client was an alcoholic with agoraphobia and was undergoing drug and alcohol counselling.

She said Dwyer's alcoholism was the result of a bad relationship with a former partner who she had left.

She said Dwyer had accepted her calls were a nuisance and had stretched the resources of the police station.

Magistrate Jeff Linden sentenced Dwyer to five months jail, but suspended it on the condition of good behaviour and that she not drink alcohol anymore.

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