Plan to scrap septic tanks

WANT to make a dollar? Design a better toilet system.

That's exactly what a Burringbar couple have done ? and are hoping to sell it.

Tim and Mym Mouchel last week showed off the system, which is designed to replace traditional septic systems in acreage areas and keep pollution out of streams and rivers, to Tweed Shire Council officials.

The Biolytix Waste Treatment System, costing just under $6000 for the average household and a mere $12 a year to run, was also recently a double winner on the ABC New Inventors TV show.

The system converts sewage, wastewater, sanitary items and food scraps into high quality irrigation water for the garden.

Where most waste treatment systems leave all the waste in the water and expensively pump it with air, Biolytix removes the waste from the water immediately.

It uses worms and other selected microorganisms to break up the waste and convert it to humus.

The waste water is then filtered through this humus, and comes out sparkling clean.

Inventor Dean Cameron spent 11 years perfecting the Biolytix Waste Treatment System.

He studied waste breaking down along river edges, as well as studying decomposing dead cows.

Subsequently one business bought the system to treat the waste of their Chefs Training School, and they were so delighted with it they invested three million dollars in Biolytix for further research and development.

Mr Mouchel says it is the most energy-efficient system available in the world.

More information is available on the Biolytix website or contact Tim Mouchel on 6677?1564 or 0428?771?086.

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