Police ponder stupid drivers


TWEED Byron Police Inspector Greg Jago wants to know why people are prepared to gamble with their lives on the road over the Christmas Holidays.

Insp Jago could only shake his head, wondering what possessed some people, like the motorcycle rider who was caught at Brusnwick Heads on Christmas Day, screaming through an 80 kilometre zone at 150 kilometres an hour.

This was by far the worst of a number of incidents over the past two days according to Insp Jago.

He said highway police officers caught the motorcyclist just before he was about to enter a 60 kilometre zone.

"The motorcycle driver's licence was suspended on the spot and he will appear in court," Insp Jago said.

Police attended another incident yesterday where a driver lost control of a car on Boyd's Bay Bridge, slamming into the wall of the Kennedy Drive off-ramp. The driver was believed to be okay however, police were unable to release details about the accident late yesterday.

Despite Tweed drivers "for the most part doing the right thing", Insp Jago was still frustrated that people chose to ignore tougher warnings from police and harsher fines.

"Why do they continue to do it? I don't know but we would love to find out the answer," he said.

"In every fatal accident you always see a lack of regard for the road rules. We want to avoid the type of serious accidents on NSW roads which typically plague the Christmas period."

So far the NSW holiday road toll stands at eight after 27-year-old Tiffany Fahey, daughter of former NSW Premier John Fahey, was killed in a single-vehicle crash on the M5 at Moorebank early yesterday morning.

Twenty-five have died on the nation's roads.

During the first four days of Operational Safe Arrival, police have breath-tested 103,162 motorists, 20,637 more than this time last year.

On day four 32 drivers were charged with drink-driving offences.

Officers have detected a total of 5427 speeding offences across the state since Friday with 258 motorists caught speeding on day four of the operation.

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