Pottsville aims to mow down Thistles

GUY Youngblutt, Aaron Lee and James Lewis spend all week tearing through the garden nasties while working for Tweed Coast Mowing.

But when they line-up for Pottsville Soccer Club tomorrow they will have their sights set firmly on removing just one garden pest, the Thistles, who could prove to be a thorn in the side of the Tweed side's 2007 Football Far North Coast grand final campaign.

The talented threesome not only work together, but play alongside each other in the Pottsville defensive line. Youngblutt and Lee agree working and playing together has contributed to their solid combination on the pitch.

"We talk about the match when we get a chance to during the week and plan what we are going to do the next weekend," Youngblutt, the Pottsville captain and sweeper said.

"It also keeps you on your toes during a game, because if you stuff up you hear about it all week." The talk of the Pottsville team this week has of course been their unceremonious defeat by arch rivals Tweed in a penalty shoot-out last weekend.

The premiership winners are hoping to join their neighbours in this year's grand final by overcoming the Thistles at Seabreeze Oval tomorrow.

But they could be a little ill-prepared if the match goes the full distance, as it did last weekend.

"We should have been practicing our penalties, but the weather has not been too good," Youngblutt said.

"Hopefully we won't have to go that far. It's a shocking way to decide a football match, but that's football."

Lee said the team was %focused on mowing down Lismore tomorrow and proving to Tweed that Pottsville was the best side in the competition in the grand final next weekend. "We're the better team as a unit sticking by each other," Lee said.

"As a full squad of 13 men no-one comes near us. "We're really keen to win the grand final.

"Nothing feels better than winning a minor and a major premiership."

The Football Far North Coast First Division qualifying final kicks off at Seabreeze Oval, Pottsville tomorrow at 2pm.

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