Power play gives busy golfers a shot at the game they love


IF you see two flags on some greens at Club Banora this week, don't worry, you aren't seeing double.

Nor have the ground staff had one too many during the lunch break.

The two flags are part of a brand new form of golf which is taking off around the world called PowerPlay Golf.

Club Banora is one of just five courses in Australia registered to stage the new game.

Club Banora pro Barry Horton said the game was designed for people who didn't have the time to play a full 18 holes.

"It's played over nine holes, with two flags to each hole," Horton said.

"The white flag marks the easier of the two pin placements, while the black flag is the PowerPlay hole and is in a more difficult location.

"Scoring is on a standard stableford points system, but by nominating a PowerPlay before you tee off on the hole, you can earn double points.

"If you don't play to the black flag, you go for the white and normal points.

"Each player must play three PowerPlay holes in the first eight, and the ninth hole is optional, not only earning bonus points but also carrying double penalty points.

"It's entirely up to you which holes you want to use as PowerPlay holes, and with the optional ninth hole, you can challenge your opponent and win the match.

"The game is extremely popular in the UK and is taking off in South Africa as well," Horton said.

"There are courses in the UK which are solely PowerPlay courses, such is the popularity of the game."

By registering Club Banora as an official PowerPlay Golf course, players with a recognised handicap can go on a world register to play in PowerPlay Golf tournaments.

Horton said the game was proving a winner with corporate days where time was limited, with the average match taking only about two-and-a-half hours.

"The beauty of this form of golf is that it brings more decision-making into the game and adds a new element to it," Horton said.

"If it renews interest in golf, it's got to be good for the game."

Club Banora will host its first %PowerPlay Golf tournament for recognised handicap golfers on Friday, with three more events planned for December 21 and next year on January 4 and 18.

"We will make two holes on each of the greens on one of the courses and then replace the plug after the tournament is finished," Horton said.

"Logistically the biggest test for us is finding another nine flags!"

Anyone interested in playing should contact the Club Banora pro shop on (07) 5524 7874

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