Premiers' pact just not working

TWEED pensioners have been warned not to use disabled parking spots on the Gold Coast, because Queensland does not recognise NSW disabled parking permits, according to Tweed MP Geoff Provest.

Mr Provest said yesterday this was ridiculous and it showed up the ineffectiveness of the premiers' promised cross-border working group.

He said NSW Premier Morris Iemma and Queensland's Anna Bligh had not met to discuss cross-border problems, despite promising during last year's NSW election campaign to work together to minimise interstate anomalies.

Mr Provest said hardly anything had happened to address cross-border issues since a NSW-Queensland Memorandum of Understanding on Cross Border Co-Operation was signed at Tomewin between Queensland's then-premier Peter Beattie and Mr Iemma during the NSW campaign.

He said it was pertinent to highlight the premiers' inaction at the end of daylight saving in NSW for this year, because Ms Bligh refuses to accept the widespread support in south-east Queensland for DST.

"Daylight saving is the biggest cross-border problem of them all," Mr Provest said.

"The premiers claimed their new Cross Border Task Force would deliver better local services, but the only initiative to date has been a taxi rank-sharing arrangement announced at their initial (Tomewin) meeting.

"I keep asking the NSW premier when the next meeting will happen, but the only response I get is that meetings will occur as required."

Mr Provest said there were many cross-border issues giving headaches to locals on both sides of the border which could be addressed "if the two Labor governments undertook genuine co-operation".

"They need to meet to find fixes for cross-border problems in health, police, education and taxes," he said.

"The latest cross-border anomaly to be brought to my attention is that Tweed pensioners are being warned they will be fined if they use disabled parking spaces on the Gold Coast because Queensland doesn't recognise NSW disabled parking permits."

Mr Provest indicated this was clearly discriminatory.

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