Proposal by bowlers gathers momentum


THE future of the former Palm Beach Bowls Club, in its hey-day one of the Gold Coast's most popular lawn bowls clubs, is expected to be further discussed at a community meeting at the end of this month.

According to local consensus, which resulted from previous meetings, the community wants to see the city council take over the present lease held by Currumbin-Palm Beach RSL through the Government's Natural Resources Department and develop a public utility building on the site.

But recently the division councillor Daphne McDonald has been made aware that there is a feeling among lawn bowlers that, ideally, Palm Beach Bowls Club as once it was, should be re-established.

In assessing just how strong this feeling is, Cr McDonald has requested those favouring a return to lawn bowls, to contact her ? quickly.

At the same time, Cr McDonald said she wanted to make it abundantly clear that the Government lease of the bowls club property was still held by the Currumbin-Palm Beach RSL, and any proposal for a lawn bowls club to be reinvented on the site would need to go direct to that club.

"There is a misconception in the community that the council already holds the lease of the club. The fact is, the council was invited by the RSL to consider taking over the lease which the RSL holds until 2013," Cr McDonald said.

"We put this offer to the community who responded that we (council) should take the offer and establish public housing and a kiosk.

"We should go ahead now, and not wait until 2013 when the lease to the RSL runs out.

"Under no circumstances could council consider any funding to establish a lawn bowls club. This would be a very costly item.

"If the bowls club has community support, council would immediately put the public housing proposal on hold," she said.

An officer's report states that the building or a public facility centre at the site to replace the old clubhouse would cost in the vicinity of $1 million.

Ultimately, whatever happens at the site would need approval from the Government's Natural Resources Department.

Cr McDonald said the site, beside the Tarrabora Park which had been magnificent restored by conservationists, especially Gecko, was ideal for a community purpose, but only if it became abundantly clear that this is what the residents wanted.

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