Regional plan could affect local community


WORRIED that a new south-east Queensland regional plan drawn up by the state government could encourage or even influence more housing developments in Palm Beach and other suburbs, area councillor Daphne McDonald wants this message to get across to Premier Peter Beattie.

"Mr Premier, don't crowd us, our local communities want to retain their quality of life, they don't want more high rises or rising costs caused by additional essential services, nor do they want their city to be labouring under the heavy burden of providing additional infrastructure."

The city's water supply spokesperson, Cr McDonald said the most vital issue in planning short term and future development was water, along with other essentials such as traffic, roads and the quality of recreational facilties, parks and gardens and breathing space for the enjoyment of the human spirit.

"We are on track according to our population growth, and if anything we need to downsize residential growth.

"If there are government plans to significantly increase our population, we need to consider a population cap to be achieved one way or another," she said.

At the same time, Cr McDonald has called for council planning officers to make a full disclosure to all council about what is proposed in a new regional plan.

"I became aware of a new plan when I questioned staff about the Palm Beach area plan. Requesting that the area plan should be hurried along, I was told some aspects of it which the community had contributed to may not be able to be achieved ? because of a new regional plan devised by state government," she said.

"This information made me really upset. Here were outside forces dictating to the community.

"All of us ? councillors and residents need to know what is proposed by the government bureaucrats. A continuing population explosion would have enormous ramifications for the city," she said.

Cr McDonald said she would never support more and more multi-housing for Palm Beach, the community had had its say and the local area plan should be proceeded with.

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