Restoration for Bray Park weir

MAJOR work to ensure the future of Tweed's townwater supply is soon to be undertaken on a hidden corner of the Tweed River at Bray Park.

The Bray Park weir, which provides water for Murwillumbah, the Tweed Heads area and the Tweed Coast is about to be rebuilt at a cost of $1.6 million.

But first, the Brisbanebased contractors Marine Construction and Maintenance Pty Ltd are constructing a coffer dam to keep the tidal section of the river away from the weir wall during remediation.

Once the wall of the coffer dam is built, using wide steel girders pushed into the riverbed, the water between it and the weir will be pumped out.

The continuing flow of the river will be piped around the area, still allowing fish to swim upstream while giving the company a dry space to work on the wall of the weir.

Council contracts engineer Todd Remmer said rusting and twisted steel girders holding the rock wall of the weir on the downstream side would be replaced.

The weir would then be recapped with concrete with the work scheduled to be completed in December hopefully before the next wet season.

The weir sits on astretch of the Tweed River below homes in Bray Park. Water is pumped from there to the nearby Bray Park water treatment plant where purification work is undertaken.

In times of low river flow extra water is released from Clarrie Hall Dam south west of Uki to increase the river level and provide water for town supplies.

Despite the current work, other plans mooted for some years to raise the weir wall slightly to avoid overcapping by extreme high tides have been shelved.

Council water manager David Oxenham said upstream property owners hadn't agreed to that work, saying it could lead to worse flooding of their properties.

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