Road-smash horror ? Man in hospital with head injury


SHOCK swept over Kerry Cocks as he watched a car plough into a parked small truck on the side of the Tweed Bypass at Banora Point yesterday afternoon.

"I was driving along the highway and all of a sudden there was this explosion of metal, glass, dust and wheels - the car went under the truck and then went up into the air before it crashed back down," Mr Cocks said.

A 32-year-old Banora Point man sustained serious head injuries after the front of his Commodore struck the truck laden with timber at the Darlington Drive entry ramp of the Tweed Bypass at 2.30pm.

Tweed Police Constable Luke Schulze said the man's head injuries were caused by timber poles protruding from the back of the truck.

A spokeswoman from The Tweed Hospital said the man was in a stable condition late yesterday afternoon.

Tweed Heads Fire Station officer Leo Ayoub said it took four fire officers and four Tweed District Rescue Squad volunteers about 30 minutes to free the man from the mangled mess before ambulance officers rushed him to The Tweed Hospital.

"It was difficult to free him ... the jaws of life equipment was used," Mr Ayoub said.

Const Schulze said the driver of the truck, who had pulled up to inspect a street directory, was not injured.

He said due to the position of the timber on the truck, if a passenger in the front of the Commodore would have been killed instantly.

Mr Cocks, who also lives at Banora Point, said instinct kicked in as he watched the accident unfold only a few metres ahead and he quickly pulled up to aid the injured man.

"I was cuddling him and talking to him to try to keep him awake," Mr Cocks said.

"I made a pressure pack out of my T-shirt and applied it to his head because he was bleedly heavily."

Looking over the crumpled heap in disbelief, Mr Cocks said it was a miracle the man survived the horror smash.

"The truck was pushed forward at least 30 feet," he said.

Police closed the entry ramp and diverted traffic to Minjungbal Drive at Tweed Heads South for two-and-a-half hours while the wreckage was cleared, causing major congestion to afternoon traffic.

The Accident Investigation Squad located in Ballina was called in to investigate the accident.

Police were still investigating the smash last night.

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