Rocks thrown at rangers

REVELLERS at a noisy doof party in a local national park who abused and hurled rocks at park rangers on Saturday night be warned: the long arm of the law is about to track you down.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Murwillumbah district manager Nigel Greenup, who was struck by one of the rocks, yesterday warned the service had information on the organisers and some of about 50 people who attended the party.

He warned abusing or assaulting a National Parks officer could attract a fine of $22,000 or three months jail or both, while taking part in an unauthorised doof party in a national park could attract a fine of $33,000.

Mr Greenup said rangers were called to the isolated area of Mt Jerusalem National Park south-west of the Clarrie Hall Dam at 10pm on Saturday by neighbours alarmed by the loud noise.

He said generators and amplifiers had been transported into the site in a number of vehicles, but when rangers approached and asked organisers to stop the party they were abused.

When they began taking car registration numbers, revellers hurled rocks at them. Mr Greenup said police were called but were also abused with revellers then dispersing into private property adjoining the park.

He said the service was determined "not to tolerate" the incident and was yesterday following up information on party goers and organisers.

Parties in parks he warned required permits because the service was concerned for the well-being of many nocturnal animals, especially birds of prey and bats, which could be badly disturbed by loud noise.

He said party organisers had defaced a sign on Kyogle Road to give directions. The service would provide information on that to Tweed Shire Council.

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